Polish Friends

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween is coming fast!! So I decided to try some of my oranges....

Rarely do I wear orange polish, okay scratch that, I've never worn a full mani of orange, yet when I look in my drawers, I see quit a few, *shrugs*. What better time to try these, than Halloween, which btw, is my all time FAVE holiday to celebrate! The first one I grabbed is an unamed OPI, that my sister gave me a while ago. Well I asked the experts on MUA, and they said it is Osaka To Me Orange, and I believe they are right.

OPI Osaka To Me Orange, tell me this isn't just the best Halloween orange?!!?

and just because I can't leave any mani alone, I added China Glaze's Dreamsicle over top. I actually really liked this look!

I was then asked to layer the China Glaze Dreamsicle over a black. When I did, I gasped, it was BEAUTIFUL and so unexpected. I had no idea, all those colors were in there!!