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Friday, November 19, 2010

Cocktails Anyone?......2 Konads & Funky French

I went to Ulta a few days ago to cash in on my rewards, level 9 baby!!! Well I walked out with 12 polishes for a grand total of $3.12!!!!! Anyways, this was one of them, Ulta's Cocktails Anyone. This is a beautiful dark purple. The application was great, and this is 2 coats! I wanted to try Konading over it, and of course next thing I know, I've done 2 Konads, and made my last one a Funky French :) There are tons of pics, sorry, lol, I just couldn't pick my faves.

Here it is all by herself

Here I used China Glaze's Chords for the Konad design, actually it's a design from a Bundle Monster plate. BM20

I then tried it with China Glaze's Harmony and Bundle Monster plate BM19.

Then I added my black tips, YAY!


  1. amazing! The color is lovely on it's own, really deep and rich. Then the first konad makes it look like an amazing jacquard print. However , i adore the polka dot konad.it is Fab U lo sooooo ! love it!

  2. That much NP for that little?! No way! Gorgeous purple - and on my monitor, it matches your blog background!

  3. I have some Konad plates, but i didn't know you could use any nail polish with them? You're work is so awesome! you should be a nail model (:

  4. Thanks you guys!! I'm glad you like this, cause I LOVE them, lol.

    ABOP, OMG you are sooo right, it does match the background perfectly!!

    Kate, you can actually use any polish that is a 1 coater, or close to it. Thank you so much for the sweet words!!! It really does mean a super lot!

  5. Level nine! Holy cow! :D I'm usually sitting pretty at level three, haha!

    I always get confused and disappointed with the way that the rewards are worded, though. Level one says "any Ulta polish," but apparently "ANY" does not mean the nice square bottle. Level two states that you can get a salon polish worth up to $8.50. But why do they say "ANY Ulta polish" if they don't really mean that?

    It always makes me a little huffy. :) I buy up a bunch of the smaller Ulta polishes when they're on sale, and then find myself disappointed when rewards time rolls around and there's nothing in the level one slot that I want. Haha!

  6. Erin, haha, yeah I've never been a level higher than 3, but I got married in August, and went to Ulta for all my wedding make-up, so that helped me tons! Their restrictions on the rewards can be a pita, but hey, I am always up for free polish!

  7. I just checked Ulta's site for that beautiful purple. Can't seem to find it :-(

  8. tabitha, I just checked their site, and it is there. Here is the link


    It's the last one, 2nd row from the bottom :P

  9. The polka dots one is my FAVORITE of your manis!!!

  10. I absolutely ADORE the polka dots <3

  11. Im just wishing that cloe would help me to experience this nails make over just once only please, i loved this nail color. How i wish.... =)