Polish Friends

Friday, November 12, 2010

How about some holiday manis..........

I finally got Meet Me Under The Mistletoe. I had seen some swatches, and fell in love. After trying it out myself, I'm hooked. This really is such a pretty green! Then I decided to go crazy with the layering, lol.

Here she is all by herself.

Then I decided to add Finger Paints Holly Good Time over top. Doesn't get much more festive than that.

Since I was so in the mood for layering, I went and grabbed my Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. This made it much more Fallish than holiday, IMO. I actually kind of liked it.


  1. All are so pretty on you!! Love how you layered them :D

  2. fun layering! i love putting unexpected colors together!

  3. I need MMUTM. Stat!

    You make everything look gorgeous!

    *hides wallet before browsing further on Chloe's blog*

  4. Thanks you guys!!!

    Daph - You better not put your wallet away!!! lol

  5. Where can I purchase finger paints nail polish. I love that color you featured in this post!

  6. Thanks, Kate, I get mine at my local Sally's.