Polish Friends

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Have you ever been Crowd Surfing..........

I love me some flakies! Especially cheap ones :) I picked this up at Five Below a few weeks ago, and love it!! It's from the L.A.Girls Rockstar collection and is called Crowd Surfing. I layered it over black for this mani.


  1. That looks great! I have this polish but haven't used it yet...why?! XD

  2. Wow, I looooove this! Amazing! Does this bottle have any name or number? I wanna have it! :)

  3. Thanks you guys!

    Lois, the name is Crowd Surfing :P

  4. ohmygosh I am SO stupid. I read this twice before, and I couldn't find the name, I mean, how crazy is that?? Sorry, haha! :)

  5. Oh no no no, you are not stupid! I meant to post in my last comment to you, a big THANKS, because I forgot to put the name in the original post, so I edited it, lol.

  6. Thanks Kate, I picked it up at a store called Five Below. I do know that Cherry Culture has it on their site as well.


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