Polish Friends

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scotch Tape Stripes......

Bored at work, and going through my purse, I decided to do another mani using Scotch Tape. I was a little iffy about these colors togther, but I actually really really like it! For my base, I started with China Glaze Grape Pop, and then did a coat of SV.

Then I taped off my nails, and did Sinful's Black on Black & another coat of SV

For my final step, I taped them off again, and added China Glaze Limbo Bimbo, hee hee, and my final coat of SV :)


  1. i was wondering with all of those layers of sv how long does your mani last? ....or would last? i want to try the way you do it but im afraid with all of those layers my polish would end up just peeling off considering my hands are constantly in water all day

  2. Kalee, I honestly have no idea how long it would last, lol. Its been a very long time since i have had a mani on longer than a few hours, eeek. You don't have to use SV after every step, I do, just to speed things up, and since I don't plan on wearing it long.

    Thanks Andreea!

  3. ooooh ya. i guess that makes sense. lol. i didnt think of that.

  4. Awesome!!! I was wondering, too, about the layers of SV. Just because I never thought to speed up the drying process that way. Do you normally wait forever until 1st (or 2nd or 3rd) layer is completely dry before you move on, or do you sometimes use the SV to make sure you don't ruin your hard work?
    I JUST bought a fast-drying top coat and I see what I've been missing lol. I just wondered about all the layering because I get bored with one-colored nails, too.


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