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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How many manis can I do, with only 2 colors and tape??????

So today I did a mani that I LOVED and just had to share with you guys. It's a Funky French, using OPI Sparkle-icious & Sally Hanses Plum Luck. Well I liked the colors together so much, that I wanted to kind of challenge myself and see how many manis I could come up with, using only 2 colors & tape.

To start, here is the mani before the tips were added
This was 1 coat of the Plum Luck, then 1 coat of Sparkle-icious and topped of with SV

Here it is with Plum Luck added to the tips

Now for my challenge. As you can see, I didn't do full manis, but I just wanted to show you all the possibilities! I'm sure there are more, but these are the easiest Tape manis, for me :P

Hope you guys enjoyed this, and maybe gave you some ideas for future manis!


  1. Wow I love this. I really need that O.P.I.

  2. Thanks, yes you do, it is soooo pretty!!

  3. That is a gorgeous OPI polish. I love all the possibilites you did with just two colors!

    Ps. You're nails are perfect!

  4. Wow, I adore your blog ♥ This color combo rocks, I wasn't even tempted to get any of the Burlesque colors, but you make me want to rethink my decision!!

  5. Thanks you guys!!

    Melacine, you should def get atleast one of the glitters, they are amazing. The color combo of the gliters in every bottle is beautiful!!

  6. IM rockin a tape look today...LOVE it!!!!
    Thanks!!! :-)

  7. Great post! :) I love this color combo too! Makes the glitter just pop.

  8. Fabulous combo!!!



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