Polish Friends

Monday, November 1, 2010

Quit possibly, my new FAVE glitter!!!

I ordered this off of Sinful's site, along with a few others. It does resemble Frenzy, but this is more opaque, imo, and itsy bitsy different colored glitter in it. The cool name...................are you ready...............is Purple Blue Glitter, LOLOLOL. Anyways, sorry for the weird skin tone, I was in a hotel room, bad lighting, but the nail colors are dead on. It was soooo shiny, and this is actually one that made me keep looking at my hands! This was also layered over black, just because I didn't expect it to be so opaque.


  1. HAWT! I love sinful glittters!! Can you only get this online and not at walgreens?

  2. I've never seen this at Walgreens! Shame, it's very pretty.

  3. Polish Lava - I too have never seen it at Walgreens, so I'm thinking their site is the only place to grab it. Although Frenzy, is it's sister & that you can get at Walgreens :)

    Thanks femputer!! You can grab Frenzy, and they are VERY close!

  4. Wow, I love this glitter! I really need some Sinful Colors!

  5. Thanks Lois!!!! You really do, for the price, you can't beat them

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