Polish Friends

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ulta Urban Jungle with Rococo Gold Leaf


  1. SO amazing! Going on my lemming list! It's really awesome and this looks great on you!

  2. Oh wow, gorgeous! I don't usually like gold, but this is beautiful!

  3. Bling, Bling beautiful...One day Rococo will be mine :D

  4. Thanks you guys. The Rococo is def worth the splurge. I mean it's REAL GOLD! lol.

  5. That looks gorgeous!

  6. where can we get rococo gold leaf?

  7. I got mine from here - http://www.spacenk.com/product/makeup/nail/gold+leaf+lacquer.do

    It was sold out before, but I just kept checking back

  8. Holy crap, that looks like Goldschläger! So gorgeous!

  9. Heya, i just bought this but im having a hard time getting the gold flakes out? plus i end up with a really thick cause i go back for more god particles and try to dab it on the same nail?! How did you manage to get sooo much gold flakes on there wthout making a mess of it?!
    Thank :) Sara

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