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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Snowflake Konad mani....OPI DS Mystery & Claire's 14 Karats

I finally decided to grab OPIs DS Mystery while I was at Ulta. I have always wanted it, but just walked on by. Not this time though damn it! I am so glad I grabbed it, it's beautiful!!! I know there are tons of snowflaked manis everywhere now, but I just had to do one. I used Claire's 14 Karats for the design.

Here is the DS Mystery all by herself :P


  1. Hope this isn't a lame questions as I'm new to doing my nails. How do you do the snowflakes?


  2. Wow that is just gorgeous! What image plate did you use for the snowflakes?

  3. swee2th, there are no lame questions. They were done by a stamping process. The most popular band, kits, are Konad. It's a metal plate with different images on them. You just put polish on the image, scrape it off, and stamp it with a stamper, and then stamp the image onto your nail.

    Annie, thanks, I used 2 different plates. 1 was a Konad, M59, and the other was a Bundle Monster, BM14.

  4. Thanks so much Chloe. I'll look for the stamp kits. What fun!

  5. https://challenges.openideo.com/profiles/1119874714489381863241486229946090

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