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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Debbie Does French.....hee hee

My sister rocks! So last night I get home from work to find a package from Zappos. I know I didn't order anything from there, but when I opened the box there was 2 bottles of Lippmann polishes!!! Bad Romance and Across the Universe!! There was a message that just said 'Happy New Year', but no name :( I'm assuming it's her, my sis, since she knows about my wish list on my blog, and knows my address, lol. I just couldn't wait to try them. I know they're old news to you guys, but I'm SUPER excited! Just had to share. Oh and of course, tips HAD to be added, lol, and since I haven't used my OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte in a while, I felt the need to.

ps - please ignore the annoying pup hair that managed to make a debut in my ring finger tip, lol. I'm too tired to fix it

This is 2 coats of Bad Romance and the OPI on the tips

then the final mani


  1. Nice! I'm waiting on some Lippmann polishes myself! I've ordered Today Was A Fairytale and Wicked Game.

    I'm super excited about the glittery possibilities with these polishes.

    I haven't had Lippmann polishes before so I have high expectations for these!


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  2. That was so sweet of sis! Your mani is just gorgeous those 2 polishes goes well together :D

  3. This is really gorgeous:)and very nice of your sis.

  4. Looks awesome! I think I fell in love with Bad Romance!

  5. Thanks ladies!! I'm now officially hooked on Lippmann, dang them for being so pricey!! I def owe my sis a big hug for these! It was a great surprise on a bad day.

  6. i love this funky french! the matte tips are amazing! :D

  7. What a nice gift! Looks very pretty!

  8. Gorgeous! I have Bad Romance, but I feel like I'm saving it for the perfect day/night to wear it! :-)

  9. Thanks everyone!! I love playing with finishes!! Tomorrow will be my Across the Universe mani!!

  10. Your very talented. Do you paint your real nails? & how long does it last?

  11. Bad Romance is my favorite of my Lippmann polishes. I love how this one looks.

  12. Golly gee whilikans, that manicure is mesmerizing. O.O

  13. Thanks girls!! Yes, I do paint my own nails. Sadly, my manis only stay on for 2-3 hours, lol. I sort of have an addiction and I get bored with a mani very quickly, so I change it about 3-3 times a day :P

  14. I ADORE across the universe, it's a personal fav. That may have to be my tomorrow night mani. Ya know I mentioned you to my hubby b/c he said he thinks I'm obsessed b/c I change my nails nightly...so I said "Lemme tell you about that girl...remember the black tips girl...she changes hers 3-4 times a DAY!!!"....so hopefully he'll back off a bit haha

  15. Hello, did anyone ever tell you how AMAZINGLY talented you are? Well I am sure that is all old news to you! When I want a new mani, first thing I do is google "chloe's nails". I just want you to know that I absolutely LOVE your site and I am completely envious of you (not to sound like a creepster here)!!! Your nails are always so perfect, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog, I hope you keep posting forever, thanks so much, you have truely changed the world of NAILS!


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