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Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Water Marbling....

Okay, so I hope you all don't mind another post on Water Marbling. I did 2 more, lol. I'm just having so much fun with these. Thanks a lot Crystal, haha. I promise tomorrows post will be something else.
For this one I used Sinful's Dream On and Pure Ice Risk Taker. I first did a base of Sinful's Black on Black though.

For this one I used a base of Sinful Black on Black again, and OPI DS Original, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender & Sinful's Black for the marbling.


  1. So lovely...One day I'll give it a try :)

  2. Can you please describe how YOU do the water marbling thing?

    I LOVE your nails!! :-)

  3. So jealous, it if fab! gonna give it go some brave day . The colour combinations are super

  4. I really like your works. I have the whole gallery to look through, as I've already got to your blog :)

    keep up the good work!

  5. Dude I love the second one. I might have to water marble soon.

  6. Your water marbling skills are amazing!
    Question about your funky frenches- do you use scotch tape or the nail stickers for french manis?

  7. Thanks Ladies!! If you haven't tried it, you really should!

    Bettynova, I promise, the next time I do one, probably this weekend, I will do a tutorial.

    Rachel, I use scotch tape for my funky frenchs. In my Tutorial tab up top, there is a link showing you how I do them.

  8. Oh wow! These are incredible! I am in love with the way these look!

    Please please please do a marbling tutorial!

    I have to say that it's some talent you've got there ;-)


    Clever Rabbit Beauty Blog
    Polish. Potions. Whatever.

    Follow me on twitter: @Clever_Rabbit

  9. So pretty!! That second one is amazing :)

  10. If you really want a holo to show up during marbling use it as your base! It works really well, I love marbling :D

  11. you're so good at this!
    i love every single work of yours :-D

  12. Second one I would wear it immediately :>

  13. The second one! Awesomeness, love those colours together!

  14. they are both very pretty!!
    I love marble nails!!

    maybe you want to visit my blog? (there are a lot of marble nails)

  15. These look fantastic! Can you post how you do your marbles?? Mine always turn out so gross looking :(

  16. wow good job! I admire your skill :)

  17. I just realized why this technique is called water marbling. It's because the nails look like marbles.

    I feel enlightened, yet extremely stupid. XD

    Beautiful nails, as always! : D

  18. where did you get your opi ds original?

  19. Gorgeous!! Hehe it's so much fun isn't it? Plus there are so many combos you can do!! These are both so cool! Man, I wish I had time to marble tonight! I really want to try marbling with my new black now!! :-)
    I hope you do a tutorial too!! You use tape for your edges right?

  20. Erika, are you or Chloe's Nails on Facebook? :-)

  21. Thanks ladies!!!!

    Rabbit, I will def do a tutorial for you guys, probably this weekend :P

    Melanie, if I did a holo base, wouldn't it be covered when I dip my nails??

    Renate, Thanks, I will def check out your blog!!

    Brittany, I'm gonna try and do one this weekend :P

    Ferial, I got mine off of eBay a little while ago :)

    Crystal, OMG, it's a blast! You should def try it with the black, it works great! Hopefully this weekend I will get a tutorial up , and yes, I put tape all around my nails, it really helps! I'm on Facebook, but I don't have a page for Chloe's Nails. You can search me by my email :P

  22. OMG, this is so gorgeous:)You are so good at this.

  23. love it! the black one is amazing!!!

  24. Amazing! Do you do one nail at a time, or do you dip them all at once?

  25. Thanks you two!!!

    Sorrycharlie, I have done both. I get kind of lazy, so I will now do 2-3 nails at once.

  26. The holo base would be covered by the other colors but for the holo marbled bits it will really stand out :)

  27. I tried this with Orly Goth, MAC Love & Friendship and DS Original but the outter bull's eye started to "set" so I couldn't get the pattern to move without completely messing it up. What kind of water did you use and what was the temp? DS Original didn't want to expand as well as the other 2. I dunno but I've gotta be doing something wrong :(

  28. Sarah, I have a tutorial I did, up underneath me header in the 'Tutorial' tab, maybe that can help you some. I do know, not all polishes work, and you have to work pretty fast, because some do dry faster in the water.


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