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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Everyone neeeeeds Night Lights in their life

Sally Hansen Night lights is a gem, that I thought I would never be lucky enough to have. I know it's been spotted here and there, in those 2-packs, but I have never seen it. Well lo and behold, I was at my local Five Below this past weekend, and they had a WHOLE display of them. I grabbed 3, 2 for me, and 1 for my future giveaway. It is rather sheer, but sooooo worth it. Here I have it over black, and I did another mani with it over a bright blue. Hopefully that will be tomorrows post. Anyways, I did a design that I know you've seen before, and I love it.

This is Night Lights layered over black

and the final mani design :)


  1. Stunning. I'll keep a look out for this. I love holo glitter :-) I'll have to try the 'V' design out sometime too. It's very smart.


    Polish. Potions. Whatever.

  2. Thanks ladies :P

    CleverRabbit, You should def try the 'V' out, it's super easy, and a great way to spice up a mani.

    Rhonda, I hadn't either, only heard about it every so often on MUA. I was shocked to see them at Five Below!

  3. Whhhatttt!! I haven't seen this one yet! But we always get the collections a bit later here. I'll be stalking the cosmetic counter from now on!

  4. Very pretty, it looks lovely over black :)

  5. I love this polish. I think it's the perfect holo topper! I'm actually giving one away in my next giveaway :)

  6. very talented! it looks really nice =D

  7. Thanks you guys.

    Gabrielle, from my understanding, Night Lights is not new, it's rather old. I ahve heard from others though, that they have seen tons at Five Below.

  8. i found this today! i grabbed it as soon as i saw it.

  9. Oh YAY, where did you find it????

  10. I really like the v design. You and your tape creations!

  11. Nuss, suas unhas são lindas e tô fã do seu blog... rs

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