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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 new to me Zoyas...

I just had to show you all the 3 new Zoya polishes I aquired recently, thanks to their 3 free promo!! These are all just 2 coats and apply great, just like their other polishes. When I ordered these, I actually thought Crystal would me my fave, but upon my swatching, Valerie was.





  1. I think I ordered the Gloria too! I havn't gotten mine yet :-(

  2. ha! i ordered valerie & crystal as well :)

    currently wearing valerie!

  3. Valerie and Crystal look stunning.
    These are on my list for sure! :-)

    Can't wait til you share your nail/cuticle care tips with us x

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    Polish. Potions. Whatever.

    Follow me on twitter: @Clever_Rabbit

  4. You picked some very pretty ones. Valerie is one of mine too!

  5. Thanks ladies :)

    Rabbit, I dont do much, but maybe tomorrow I will do a little post about it.

  6. I ordered "Crystal" too! I haven't tried it on yet, but I'm excited!


  7. nice selection!! I love all of them... but my fave is Valerie... I ordered some from the older collection... Cheryl, Dovima & Malia... I haven't gotten mind yet... btw, I just recently found your blog & I am lovin it... I added you to my blog roll... =)

  8. totally love Valerie and Crystal though i never thought i would like that shade .. but WOW ... beautiful ^_^
    must get these when i go out next .. ^_^

  9. I love your blog, especially because you blog daily! It's fun coming back and finding new pictures uploaded and in lovely polish colors! You are on top of it.^.^

  10. I Haven't gotten mine yet :-( I got the same 3! Im actually waiting on 9 of them I had my family members order some for me lol.. I think Im gonna like Crystal better

  11. I just got Crystal today :). These all look amazing on you.

  12. I ordered Crystal too after having wanted it for so long... Haven't gotten mine yet though.

    All of yours look really nice!

  13. All look really beautiful but my favorite is Valerie. So gorgeous:) Zoya is the best.

  14. Thanks ladies!!!

    Annettee, Aww, thank you & welcome!!!

  15. I picked up these same 3 colors from the promo..I love crystal a little better than Valerie. Valerie does not look as purple as I'm seeing on everyone else. Maybe its my skin tone that changes the color.

  16. Lexi, the purple def shows up more in different lights.


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