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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

China Glaze Pom Pom

So as we all can see, my middle finger nub SUCKS! Since I decided to leave it alone and just let it grow out on it's own, I ran to Sally's to pick up Gelous. I've heard quit a bit of talk about it on MUA, and decided to give it a try on my middle finger, just to keep it strong, in the grow out process. My nails are normally really strong, but this is the 2nd break to it in like a month and a half. The first time was a car door, and this time just slammed it in a normal door. Anyways, I just felt the need to baby it, as it grew, lol. I've also started taking Biotin again, to help speed up the process. Okay well, while I was st Sally's I saw this China Glaze Pom Pom. It just called my name, and I knew I had to layer it over a black. It's such a pretty pink glitter, with larger silver glitter in it as well.  Then as you will see, Scotch tape had to get involved, lol.

Oh and YAYAYAYAY, my OPI Black Shatter arrives tonight!!! What shall I layer it over? Any ideas, anything you guys wanted to see?

1 more thing. I wanted to share a cute polish pic, that was posted on MUA. I found the artist, and just love his work. Here is his pic....(not mine, not aff.)
Hahahahaha, I just fell in love.
The artist is Terry Border from Bent Objects. You can see more of his fun unique art HERE. I'm just such a sucker for funny things like this.


  1. Aw, sorry about the break...it doesn't take away from your gorgeous nails. Pom pom called my name too. Lol!!

    I love Terry's picture. When I seen it on MUA I said I will have to use it on a post. It's just too cute :)

  2. love this look and the pic is great too :)

  3. Pom pom really looks great over black :)

  4. I'm waiting for my black shattered too!
    It takes longer than you, He has to cross the ocean ;)
    I've planed to wear it on top of my Khrome polishes by CG!

  5. Thanks girls!!!

    Rhonda, OMG this break is angerng me, LOL. Hopefully it will grow out soon.

    Mei Ling, Don't you hate waiting?!?!? I'm the most impatient person, lol. Oh the crackle over a Khrome, will look awesome!

  6. awesome mani and cute photo :)

    I just started using Gelous also, my thumb nails always crack and break as soon as the last break grows out :( So far so good!

  7. Hhhhmm maybe I should try my Pom Pom already lol. I really love that little piece that is beyond adorable!

  8. My Black Shatter arrives tomorrow and I seriously feel like it's Christmas! I'm getting a couple more polishes with it, too, so I'm so stoked.

    I love that color, especially over black. So cute.

  9. Oh, I forgot to say this! I'm planning on layering the Shatter over some bright glitters. The promo pics of it over the Katy Perry polishes made the shatter over glitter thing look awesome. I may start by putting it over Dorothy Who. I also think it would look awesome over Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous.

  10. its such a beautiful color... one that i couldnt resist to buy.. hehe
    .. doing chess style with these two colors would look HOT (or i think i would ^_^)

  11. Thank you ladies!!

    Danielle, keep me informed on yout Gelous experience, so far I'm liking it, but it is only day 2, lol.

    LTHP, yes you should!!

    Tracie, Oh YAY!! Yeah I agree, the glitters are looking so good under Shatter.

    Brownsmoke, Ohhh, I agree, that would look hot!!

    Deborah, yes you do!! lol. But then again, I layer everything over black :P

  12. i use gelous ! i started using it like 3 months ago have noticed a definte change!

  13. Very pretty! I have a question about a nail polish. Doesn't OPI make a matte-ifying polish. IF so, where can i buy it?

  14. ThatsSOfresh, oh good! I'm just hating this break, and want it fixed already, lol. Maybe I will wrap it in bubble wrap since I seem to slam it in every door possible.

    Kate, thanks! I don't recal a taop coat matte polish, but they had several colored mattes, ie Alpine Snow, Lincoln Park After Dark. Essie makes a matte taop coat called Matte About You. You can get that at Bed Bath & Beyond, my Target sells it. Really anyplace that sells Essie near you. I actually used it in my post for tomorrow :)

  15. i absolutely love your blog! you are extrememly talented and do things i never even knew existed! but when i read that you use seche vite top coat i wondered if you had ever read the warning label on it.. its kind of frightening...

    "WARNING! This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm."

    just thought id throw that out there in case no one didnt know.

  16. What a cute color name! And a pretty color. Anything sparkly is good in my book.

    I think Crackle would look neat over a duochrome. I STILL can't decide if I want to buy it though. I don't know whether I love it or hate it, haha.

  17. *Shatter, not Crackle. -.-

  18. Pom pom looks amazing.
    I got my black Shatter yesterday and I looooooove it. I should have stocked up though, I fear I will be going through this bottle pretty fast.
    P.S. I love your nails and your blog

  19. Love this polish! Soo pretty!

    And I like that cute nail polish/clipper art too! How adorable.

  20. Oooo! I like that color and the design! And that little art piece is awesome!

    I'm so jealous you'll have your shatter lol! I hope mine comes this week! I can't wait any longer! I think I'm going to put the shatter over the Shrek collection! Those colors are bright and remind me of Spring!! :-) Will you put the Shatter over your DS Original? I'd love to see how the Holo looks!!

  21. Oh! And I just saw your photo bucket album with your new shelf (on the right side near the top)...my mouth dropped open in shock! You do have SO much polish...wow! I must be in Heaven! lol I'm assuming it is for tomorrow's post or something! Can't wait to see it. How cool is that!!

  22. Hi, I really love this design :D
    I was wondering, if you know a dupe for China Glaze's pompom? It's not sold where I live. :( Thanks!

  23. Thanks ladies!!!

    Andrea, Thank you so much!! I have read that, I know it bothers some, and they choose to use Poshe, but as of now, I'm not too concerned, since I'm always using it in a fairly well ventelated room :)

    Crystal, I got my shatter last night, and LOVE it. Putting it over OPI DS Original, would look awesome!!

    As for a dupe of Pom Pom, I do not know of one, sorry :(

  24. Seeing you use Pom Pom makes me want to go out & find this polish & layer it over black too! x)

  25. Haha, thanks!! I love my glitters over black!!


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