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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A NOTD that matches my OOTD...

I don't normally match my mani to my outfit, but felt the need to the other morning. As you can see from the pic with my OOTD, Outfit Of The Day, I didn't do the accent nail yet. I had done that, later on in the day.
I used China Glaze Peachy Keen and just my black for my accent design. I also just wanted to try out a new tape idea I had.

Here is the finished mani

Here was my outfit. I just LOVE this ruffled blouse. I got it off of eBay, because I refused to pay retail for it from JCrew, lol. I'm cheap. Oh and excuse the ever so classy bathroom, cell pic.

2 coats of Peach Keen

Now with the accent finger. I really loved this design :)


  1. I looooooved this mani!!!
    Tutorial please! :P²

  2. SO pretty! love that you matched your outfit with your NOTD

  3. i would love to see a tutorial as well!

  4. Thanks you guys!!! I will def do a tut, for you all. Maybe I'll post it this afternoon :)

  5. I really like this peach color. I'm gonna have to add this one to my obsession-- errr collection!

  6. I love this!! Who am I kidding.. I love all your manis lol This color is a must have though!!

  7. LOVE that accent nail! How did you do it?

  8. It's another gorgeous mani!!! Love that accent nail...pls do a tut. Why did you hide your gorgeous self :D

  9. Thanks everyone. I am getting ready to post the tut, in about 5 min!!

    Rhonda, lol, I was a bit shy that day, lol, plus bathroom lighting is NOT flattering to my face and skin, haha

  10. This is beyond awesome. It's perfect. 100% perfection. I *adore* your nail art!

  11. I love the mani and the matching outfit :)

  12. this is hot! i will be trying this one :)

  13. Thanks Enamel Girl!! You should def try it!

  14. OUTSTANDING! i la la love the mani and your outfit is super cute!

  15. I love this look (ok, I love ALL of your manis.. seriously, you're so creative)!

    Question, though... My black takes two coats to cover. Is it ok to leave the tape on long enough to do the one coat, let it dry for a minute or two, then do a second coat? Or will leaving it on that long cause the polish to peel off with the tape? I've wondered this when it comes to all of your scotch tape manis- is it possible to do a second coat without destroying the look?

  16. Thanks girls!!

    Tracie, whenever a polish I use absolutely needs 2 coats, and I'm working with tape, I do the first layer semi thick, and then wait maybe about 20-30 sec, and do a 2nd coat, but you'll have to do the 2nd coat with a light hand, so you don't fudge up the 1st one. You don't want the base to dry completely, because when you pull the tape off, the base will come with it, and/or, your edges won't be straight and smoothe :)

  17. not only do you have amazing nails.. you have great hair!!!!! love the mani design and cute outfit too!

  18. I love what you did with this design. I am going to try something similar on honor of Halloween. I'll probably need a couple of trial runs. Peachy Keen is on my order to Nail Polish Canada right now! Thanks for the inspiration!

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