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Friday, January 28, 2011

OPI Black Shatter has arrived!!

YAY, Black Shatter is finally here!! I was soooo excited when it arrived!! I wanted to try 2 different manis, so I decided to layer it over a sparkly gold & then a flakie.

Here is the first one I tried....I did a base of Orly Luxe and then a coat of China Glaze Medallion, which FYI is my fave sparkly gold glitter! Black Shatter needs to be used over a 100% dry mani, and used VERY quickly. I actually prefer the smaller cracked looked, like in my previous post, but this is still nice.

Then I wanted to try it over a flakie, so I used a base of Love & Beauty, from Forever 21, and then added Nfu-Oh 50 over top.

1 word.......BEAUTIFUL!!

Now here it is with Black Shatter over top


  1. First one is great in combination, and th purple one is beutiful solo!

  2. omg amazing!!!! i love your blog!

    Pls can you tell what kind of product do you use when you are done with your nails (I mean the coat that you add and your nails are so shinny) because my nails are not so shinny after...

    sorry for my english , im not for USA.

    Greetings from Greece


  3. Thanks ladies!!

    Gianna, Thanks!! I use SV, Seche Vite. It's a fast drying top coat, that leaves manis soooo shiny!!

  4. I am jealous!! I want this one...Its out of stock!! :-(

  5. I saw this at my beauty store and I should've goten it :P. I think I'm gonna wait for the CG crackle collection! so excited!!! i really want to order medallion LOL. Aren't NFU oh flakies the bomb? I love 50 :)

  6. loving the NFU Oh it looks gorgeous. I see you used SV topcoat does OPI dry matt like Barry M special effects does? Every pic I've seen of it it looks shiny but wondering it was top coat xoxox

  7. I love love love this, I deff need a bottle

  8. the 50 is stunning over the love and beauty. I too like the thinner smaller cracks in the last manicure. The barry m one is more like OPI fyi in terms of result thn the kelier. Loads of great manis this week Erika !

  9. Thanks you guys!!

    Polish Lava, you should def go grab it if you still can. It is fun to play with

    Stacie, It does dry semi mate. I can't compare to Barry M, since I've nver used it, sorry.

    Emer, awww, thank you!! Also thanks for the heads up about Barry M.

  10. Both manis look great! I got my Black Shatter last wk and I love it :) It's just a lil annoying that it dries so fast. Its already a bit crusty around the bottle top :( Oh well! Love it anyway!


  11. I actually prefer the big cracks to the smaller ones of other crackles/shatters because you can see more of the polish underneath.

    I wore the Black Shatter yesterday over The One That Got Away and I loved it but it stained my nails! It was really bizarre... I had on Seche Base and two coats of TOTGA and for some reason I could see where the shatter was after I removed my polish. I eventually got it off but it took some time. Did you have this problem?

  12. Gorgeous color combinations! I like the Black Shatter over the gold, it looks kind of like a treasure chest. I dunno. XD

  13. I love the gold glitter and shatter...I needed some inspiration for this weekend manicure!

  14. Mine arrived yesterday and I just HAD to use it before my volleyball games (brought us good luck - we won!) ... it is SO pretty. I used it over lime and it's just smashing.

  15. whoaaaah, NFU-OH 50 is hot! Great idea to try shatter on top.

  16. I like this shatter effect! This one and the one yesterday are both too cool, so I'll be glad to own both! I love the colors you put underneath! Sooo cool! I can't wait to mix & match!

  17. I love it, I can't wait for my black shatter to arrive.

  18. is the Black Shatter sold in stores o do I have to get it online?

  19. Thanks you guys!!!

    Spunkster, Oh I know!! I went to use it again, and it was just falling out of the lid!

    Tracie, omg, no, I haven't, but then again, I haven't worn it long, maybe like an hour, lol.

    Ari, Nice, CONGRATS on your win!!

    Crystal, it really is nice having both, since they are both very different!

    Nolitoshy, I know it's being sold in Ulta's and JCPenny's salons for sure.

  20. I don't have Ultra here but I'll be sure to check at JCP soon! thanks!

  21. Hello Everyone and Chloe, I have opi shatter 5 bottles if anyone is interested in buying them you can email me at zboating22@aol.com

  22. I'm confused! I was told at the salon that the OPI crackles only crackle when put over a few of the OPI nail polishes... I guess that isn't true!!

  23. Lula, oh no, I can't believe someone told you that! It is so not true. The crackle polishes work over EVERY nail polish out there


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