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Friday, January 14, 2011

Multi Colored Checkered Mani...

Yep another checkered mani, lol. I wanted to use my Sally Hansen Prism Turquoise Opal again. Man, I cannot get enough of this polish! Just sooo many colors in one polish. Since these have been discontinued for years, I got mine, and a few other Prisms off of eBay, at a very decent price. Then one of my BFF/neighbors, Meghan, stopped over while I was in process of this, and suggested the OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte, for the squares. Even though I've used it a bunch lately, I agreed, and she was totally right!!! Then later on I decided to add a top coat, for shine!
You can find the tutorial here, that I did.

Here is Turquoise Opal over black. See.....so many colors!

Here is where I added the Lincoln Park After Dark Matte for the squares. Ignore the dent in my middle finger, lol. Not quit sure how that happened. Grrrrrr

Now with the top coat! I love SV, it evens everything out!

This pic is when I tried it out with the flash on my camera. I loved this pic!


  1. I love Turquoise Opal its so beautiful!

  2. Are these your natural nails? Or do you use something to thicken them and make them stronger? These look fantastic!

  3. I love this. Another fantastic mani :)

  4. Thanks ladies! Turq. Opal will forver be in my top 3 polishes!

    Antoszewskia, Yep, those are my real nails. I don't add anything to them, other than the polish and my top coat, SV :)

  5. these are totaly awesome.. i wish one day i will be successful at doing this design too lol i guess i have to practice more for it :)
    .. but totally love Turquoise Opa !! i can totally see why you love the flash pic ;)

  6. Wow, that last pic is really awesome!!!

  7. That's such a gorgeous color! Great mani!

  8. WHY do all the beautiful polishes get discontinued? XD

    How long does it take for you to do the checkered manicure? It looks so perfect.

  9. Thanks you guys!

    Brownsmoke, yep, all it takes is practice, and I know you'll get the hang of it fully in no time!

    Cammy, I KNOW!!! They always take away the greats :( This took me about 45 min.

  10. So gorgeous! Looks like you have three polishes on your nails instead of two!

  11. I love this! I like how the Turquoise Opal looks completely different in each square.

  12. Thanks you two!! That is exactly why it's one of my fave polishes!! So many colors

  13. do you use scotch tape for the checkered or another technique?

  14. Renee, I use Scotch Tape. Here is my tutorial on how I do it :P


  15. I LOVE THIS :O
    The duochrome is so beautiful :)
    Glad that I found this blog (through sayanythingbr00ke) I am always searching for good nailpolish blogs and now Ive found yet another one :)


  16. Thanks shorty!! I def love my duochromes!!! *hugs*

  17. I love duo chromes! And I love these nails.

  18. I looooooove this mani! omg its gorgeous!
    thanks to sayanythingbr00ke <3
    through youtube i bought my first opi polish and i'm addicted now ^.^

  19. Thanks you guys!!

    Nelle, it's amazing how fast polish addiction can sneak up on you. I started with like 20, and being thrilled with that.

  20. love the lincoln park after dark matte..a must have!



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