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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Revlon Royal Funky French

Here is the mani I told you about the other day. I saw a few swatches of the new Revlon Top Speeds and Royal and Royal was the only one that interested me. So as soon as I saw it, I snatched it up! For this mani I used the Sally Hansen Night Lights, Revlon Royal and my regular black.

This is 2 coats of Royal. Do you see why I HAD to have it!!  Oh and just an FYI, it does dry semi matte/vinyl.
Then I added 1 coat of Night Lights

annnnnd....my black tips :P


  1. I love this look. SH Night Lights over Revlon Royal looks awesome.

  2. You always find the most amazing combinations of colors!


  3. /drool

    I'm waiting on my Sally Hansen Night Lights to arrive, myself. It's all your fault!

  4. The SH night lights gives the Royal so much more depth.

  5. it's a pretty blue but I like it much better with SH :)

  6. I do like the color with the coat of Night Lights over it!

  7. Beautiful! Royal is soooo gorgeous!

  8. This is amazingggg :)))) I love the sparkle over that blue ^_^ also, how do you get your tips so perfect?? Do you use tape or something???

  9. Royal looks so...luxurious. O.O

    Random question, but what base coat do you use?

  10. indeed funky! i like SH Night Lights.

    new follower here =)

  11. Wow! Very pretty! Where is the "like" button when you need it? :)

  12. This is gorgeous, I love your manis! Wish I had your talents (and patients)!

    This is off topic, but have you tried e.l.f. nail polishes? I bought a couple the other day and I applied one real quick just to see the colour, without a top coat, it went on so smooth. I decided to leave it on as long as I could to see how long it would last. I was chip free for 5 whole days. I'm a SAHW so I do a lot of cleaning/cooking and work with my hands!
    I've used so many brands of nail polish, and I've never had a polish last so long without a top coat. I'd love to hear your opinion on e.l.f. nail polishes!!

  13. I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Please visit the link below to find out the details!


  14. I absolutely love you nail designs! Such fantastic taste! Best on the net, without a doubt! You should get into this business professionally - why not? You love getting creative, and you'd have guaranteed success for sure.

    Could you start doing Youtube tutorials? I'd love to see how you achieve such a perfect look every time - no matter how long it takes!

  15. Kendal, Haha, I know you'll love it!!!!

    Kelly, Yes, I use scotch tape for about 90% of my manis, lol. It's become my BFF :P

    Cammy, I actually don't use a base coat, eeek, but I figured since my manis never stay on for more than a few hours, I don't need it, lol

    Rosey, Welcome!! Thanks for following!

    Bryanna, I Actually have yet to try the E.L.F. polishes. I've seen them at my Target, but haven't purchased them yet. I'm not sure why either, but WOW, that's amazing how long it lasted!

    Jen, Aww, thank you sooo much, I will def be sure to check it out!

    Diamond, You are too sweet, thank you!!! I have thought about doing the tutorials on Youtube and my sis keeps telling me to, as well. I just might pretty soon.

  16. Well, this time I saw Revlon's "Royal" on others blog before, so it won't be your fault if I'm going to buy another (blue) polish :D


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