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Friday, January 21, 2011

Gold & Green Funky French

So to take a break from the Water Marbling, I decided to show you a funky french I did last week. Oh and before we get to this mani..............I BROKE A NAIL!!! Grrrr, I slammed it in a car door :( It broke my middle finger nail, down far!!! I'm debating on putting a fake on, or ljust letting it be, and grow out. I don't know, this sucks!! Okay, whew, rant over, now on to the mani. For this I used the brand 10, color #415 for the base, Ulta Urban Jungle for the tips, and Claires 14 Karats for the Konad.

This is 2 coats of the base, 10, #415

Then with the Konad on :)

And the final mani :)


  1. that's beautiful , but i think it would be prettier, when the stamping would be over the green french ;)

  2. I don't see so much difference between your broke nails and the others, so I'd stay with all natural :>

  3. how white your tips are :O lovely!

  4. Thanks ladies!!!

    Fairy, that would have been really pretty, but I was kind of going for a more discreet Konad design :P

    Smaltoitaliano, Oh no, this was pre break :( I had just broken it last night, and this mani I did last week. It looks shorter here, because I was recovering from a car door break! I just can't win with that nail :(

  5. This is amazing!!! Sooo pretty!!

  6. I love the dark green color! Very nice!

    You have an award on my blog! :0)

  7. You still amaze me with all your wonderful nailart ideas! Don't you ever run out of inspiration?

  8. :) I love the green and gold together. I'd love to see more designs with that color combo. It's classy. :)

  9. Very interesting! AND, getting close to a starbucks inspired design : )

  10. I finally bought 10 #415 the other day and I actually noticed that it DOES have a name! It's called "Pinky Promise", haha. I think I'll keep calling it #415....

  11. Girl, what doesn't look great on your nails? =)Love it!
    I'm sorry about the broken nail, that sucks :(

  12. How on earth (!?) do you get that super nice nails?! Mine only break - all the time! I'm going mad over this. Do you have any good ideas that I can try?

  13. I once broke my nail on a locker...like half-way down. What I did was apply nail glue to the crack and paint over it. That way, no fake nail, yet a stronger natural nail! I just waited for my nail to grow out, and then I clipped the "dead" part of the nail right off. It worked really well for me, couldn't tell the difference.

    This manicure reminds me of a dress that Scarlett O'Hara would wear, haha. : D Beautiful!

  14. Yeah I am with Melisende, how do you get your nails healthy like that. I have tried almost everything. My nails peel at the tips and edges. They also break easily.

  15. Oh I love all these pics! Your nails are gorgeous in just the natural sheer, and even just the gold! But then add the green and it's wow!!
    Sorry about your nail :-(

  16. You have such pretty nails of your own! They're not yellow or anything, what basecoat do you use?

  17. Thanks ladies!!!! For those that asked about my nails, and what I use. I don't use a basecoat, lol, and for peelies, I find it best to lightly buff my nails about twice a month and make sure when you file, to only use a glass file :P

    Nail Art- Cre8tiveKtina, thank you so much, I will def go check it out!!

    Charlotte, haha, I do run out, thats when I just choose 2 or 3 colors, and try a few different things.

    Tracie, HAHA, OMG, how did I never notice that!

  18. I love the look. It is very elegant!
    what stamping plat # did u used, and wher can i get it?



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