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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Essence Magnetic Metallics Polish Swatches!!!!

WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! So some of you may remember about a giveaway I posted about, that The Laquerista was holding. The giveaway was for the set of Essence Metallic Magnetic polishes. Well.......I WON!!! YAY, and they arrived yesterday. Of course I had to swatch them all, and share with you guys. I have heard that the magnet it came with didn't work well, but I had no issues. I absolutely love these!! They were all one coat. Here is a group shot with and w/out flash.

Iron Goddess, Copper Rulez, Steel Me, Nothing Else Metals

and here is the magnet and how-to booklet it came with

This is Steel Me, and my 2nd fave of the bunch!

This was my FAVE of them all, Copper Rulez. Do you see the gold sparkles in it?!?!? So pretty

Nothing Else Metals

and finally Iron Goddess

I have wanted to try magnetic polishes ever since I heard about L'Oreal Star Magnet polishes, but I was never able to get my hands on any. I was beyond thrilled to learn I had won these. Have you guys tried any Magnetic polishes before? What do you think of them?


  1. Thats cool isn't it. Well done on winning! i bought the "steel me ", and acutally the magnet i bhoughjt did nothing at all , i intended trying it with an ordinary magnet as that seems to work fine for some people but just have not got around to it yet.
    Was looking again last night at your blog and seriously the lipmann colours are going to be hard to resist, they really are beautiful.

  2. Hi, I have a question... do u know if these nail polishes are healthy safety? just because they are 'magnetic'.
    I have these Metallics, could u explain how did u get these effects? Mine was not so good as yours...

  3. These are amazing! Congrats on winning and thanks for posting! :)

  4. I think I like Steel Me the best because of the way it shows the magnetic effect. It's so obvious in that one. I love the idea of these but I've never seen them for sale anywhere. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled because these are really rad.

    Haha, Emer... I splurged and got the Deborah Lippman shades last night after Erika's post yesterday. I couldn't refrain anymore... they're just too pretty and I had to have them.

  5. Thanks you guys!! I had a lot of fun trying these out, and what a great effect that is so easy to do!

    Emer, that is so weird, I really hope a different magnet works better for you! As for the Lippmanns, I don't blame you. As of now, they might just be my fave polishes. My friend even came over and wanted a funky french mani done with ATU last night.

    Momo, I'm assuming they are the same, health wise, as other polishes. I don't have them in front of me, so I'm not able to really look at the ingredients. For the effect, I learned that you can ony do 1 nail at a time, and as soon as you're done polishing the nail, hold the magnet as close as you possibly can. It's best to brace your hands on something to keep them steady. I used the arm of my couch. But def doing it fast, and close helps the most.

    Tracie, HAHA, I hope you really enjoy them, I know you will in fact, lol. Just so you know, you will need atleast 2 coats of your top coat, to smooth it all out, but it's beyond worth it!

  6. GRRRR! I want these to come to Ulta!

  7. okay - so i'm a new follower and completely obsessed so i'm prob going to inquire about EVERTHING.
    erika, i'm not familiar with these magnetic polishes. (have i been living under a rock?!)
    is that what created the stripe effect? BEAUTIFUL. i must have NIM.
    another question, i see ULTA constantly mentioned as the source for all the great OPI colors, but when i looked, they only had one. is that possible?
    A NEW FAN...

  8. i havent tried magnetic polish but the idea is totally out there ... like WOW ! lol
    i must MUST try them in near future since they look so pretty but i loved all the colors you swatched so when... if (but hopefully i will) i encounter these anywhere.. i would have to buy all of them lol ^_^

  9. Renee, Haha, no you haven't been living under a rock. The only reason I knew about them was from the nail board on makeupalley.com. They would talk about L'Oreal's set of Star Magnet polishes that came out years ago, but not in the US. Then I heard from them about these Essence ones. They have teeny tiny metal shavings in them, that rise to the surface when you place a magnet over top, and create the lines. You can do horizontal, vertical and diagonal. It really is a cool idea.
    As for Ulta, are you looking on their site, and only seeing the 1 Nicole by OPI color? Is that what you mean? If it is, Ultas site doesn't sell the normal OPI polishes online. If you're looking for the Nicole by OPI, just click on that, and you will then have the option to choose more colors. If you have an Ulta near you, I suggest you go browse, they have TONS of the regular OPI, China Glaze, Essie, the regular drugstore brands, and some have Piggie Polish, Zoyas, Barielle, and a few others. It really is a great source for polish. Please feel free to ask me anything anytime. I'm more than happy to help a new polish friend out!!

    brownsmoke, this was my first time playing with them too! I hope you do get a chance to own these, I know you'd love them!

  10. OMG could u make a video teaching us? pleaseeee

  11. argghh i NEED these in my life!!
    Congrats on winning the contest. you mentioned being able to do horizontal, vertical, and diagonal designs with these, but i'm curious if one could do a magnetic star design with them as well??

  12. thanks for ALWAYS replying so quickly.
    re ulta, yes, i only see the Nicole bottle. i'll follow your suggestion.

    so, another curious question - yesterday you turned me on to konad and bundle monster. do you prefer either? can you use OPI colors on both (i don't have quite the collection you do, although i am now ordering lippmann because of you!!).
    thanks a bunch!

  13. Momo, lol, I'm still thinking about videos, lol. I'm no quit sure what I would use to make them, and how I could make my set-up.

    Gerry, I'm not sure, I don't see how I could with the magnet I was given, but maybe if I could find a small star shaped one, that would probably work.

    Renee, You're very welcome. I try to get back to you all as soon as I can. As for the plates, I don't really have a preference. They both have their pros & cons. The Konads are more expensive, but their full nail designs are much bigger than the Bundle Monster ones. The Bundle Monster plates in general are WAAAAAYYYY cheaper, and you get quit a few in a decent priced set on Amazon. It's something like 20 Bundle Monster plates for the prie of 4 Konad. I prefer the full nail images, and like i mentioned, the Bundle Monster ones are smaller. Now I have fairly small nails, and will still have a problem getting them covered, where as the Konads I dont have to worry so much about getting them perfectly alligned. If you're just interested in the smaller/single images, then I would def go with Bundle Monster. I hope I explained this okay, and helped you out.

  14. I've wanted these polishes for a while now! They are so unique and I think they could be the next sensation :D Hopefully Ulta stocks them soon, but I think they might just be in Europe for now :/ Either way they look great on you!

  15. Magnetic nail polish? Wow! That's such a neat idea. Who would have thought? One learns something new everyday. XD

  16. Wish they were available in the U.S. :(

  17. Melanie, you're right, they are only in Europe right now, but I have read on other blogs, that they should be coming to the US!!

    Cammy, I know! When I first heard about them, I was amazed, and knew I had to have some.

    Sandie, I think they might be, according to other blogs, some have mentioned that they will be sold in the US eventually

  18. Love to see some scotch manis with these and i also would like to see how it comes out matte...?
    So I live in Europe but haven't seen them at all, maybe I'm not looking in the right places...Do you know where to find them?

  19. I'm sooo jealous! I literally live on a rock and there is no ulta store here :'( we only have 1 walgreens on this island... its so depressing!! I always see your gorgeous nails and they make me want to add to my nail polish collection ;)thanks for all the gorgeous swatches!

  20. Petra, thats a great idea, and I just might have to try a scotch tape mani out with one of these!

    suiling, Awww, that sucks you don't really have a good place to get polish!!

  21. Until I read this, I didn't knew essence stuff is avaible in the US.
    I hope the nail polishes are as cheap as they're here in Germany, about 2 euros (that should be something about 3$); they're not worth more because the quality sucks. :D

    PS. I LOVE the lippmann polishes, omg.

  22. I am going crazy looking for these ever since I first heard about them!! I hope they really will be more readily available soon!!


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