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Friday, January 7, 2011

Impractical Shmactical, I LOVE it!

Now I do realize that this mani is beyond impractical, and I'm 100% okay with that. This wouldn't be an everyday mani, but a night out. I mean, none of my manis stay on for more than a few hours anyways, lol. I have done this same look with a blue butterfly, and if you would like to see, click here. I just love the black tips, with a big 3D, colorful accent on 1 finger. What do you guys think, too much? Do you like 3d nail art stuff?


  1. Usually I'm not a fan of 3d nail art but I like this one! No it's not too much! What is it, it looks like a dried flower?
    It's good to see you put a watermark in your photos, I've seen your pictures appear on for intance Tumblr without the source.

  2. Hi there!
    Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog and your manis!! Amazing!!
    How come none of your manis stay on for more than a few hours?
    Caroline @ Holland

  3. Thanks girls!!

    Linda, yes, it is a dried flower, which makes it even harder to keep looking nice, lol. Actually Tumblr is the reason I started the watermark, grrrrr, I was seeing that too.

    Caroline, thank you soo much, I'm glad you enjoy my blog and manis! My manis only stay on for a few hours because I change my mani about 3-4 times a day, lol. I have a smidge OCD.

  4. Nice one! A bit impractical for me... but as you say, for special occasions it's a very eye catching look.

    Bound to start a few conversations :-)

    Clever Rabbit Beauty Blog
    Polish. Potions. Whatever.

    Follow me on twitter @Clever_Rabbit

  5. No way! That's awesome! I change my manis every other day and sometimes even after two or three days.
    Super! Keep posting those amazing pics!

  6. Eh..ok sorry, previous post is from me, Caroline @ Holland

  7. Practical or not, I love it! I like 3d nail art stuffies as long as it's not too much. The way you used the flower is totally how I would use it :)

  8. I love 3D nail art, but as mentioned it's super difficult to function with any of it!

  9. I love it! Beauty's not always practical, so why not wear what you love?

  10. Remember Bubble boy ... you need a bubble device like it to cover that masterpiece for traveling purposes. Then once you arrive, just sit there and let others (and yourself) admire it, lol. Great stuff!

  11. it's very elegant. love it!

    most of my mani's are short-lived also (ha ha).
    what color neutral is that? it doesn't look streaky at all.

  12. Its beautiful! I want to do this!!!

  13. Thanks you guys. I love nail art, every kind, as long as it's not overkill, and this is one of my fave examples! I'm so glad you guys all like it, and didn't cringe, lol

    Nail Noir, I love it!! You're so right in that thought!

    Loodie, HAHAHAHA, how funny would that be to travel around with this makeshift bubble, protecting my nail art? I would love to do that, just to see how people would react, lol.

  14. Enamel Girl, Sorry, I hit enter too soon, lol. The base is my all time FAVE, it's a brand called 10, and the color is #415. It's not streaky and soooo easy to apply. I get mine at CVS :)

  15. I love this look for a special occasion. But I know it would last maybe 15 minutes on me before I ruined it.

  16. I think they are a perfect way to dress up your hands for a night out. I looove the Pink flower.

  17. Wow, the black tips by itself look stunning *-*
    I need to do that one day, it gives a different feel from a white french mani!
    The flower looks cool 8)

  18. Very feminine! Reminds me of a spanish flamenco dancer lol

  19. what an awesome delicate manicure!! Where did you get the flower?? haha I so want it!

  20. That is the curet mani ever :) Also, I really like 3D nail art, except I can never find any where i live :(

  21. Hi, Erika! You have a new follower from Barcelona, Spain. I think this mani looks very elegant and feminine. I love it...!

  22. Wow, I think that I haven't seen a manicure on your blog that I wouldn't like. This one is just to die for =).
    I sometimes like 3D nail art, but some 3D nail arts are really kitchy =)

  23. Thanks ladies!!!!

    Annkiins, I absolutely LOVE black tip manis! They are very chic IMO :)

    Carissakuo, I got them off of Transdesign.com a while ago, they had different colors too :)

    Welcome Angeles!!!! Thanks for following, I really hope you enjoy my blog/manis :)

    Colorfulbottle, Thank you so much!

  24. totally love it ... so who cares if it cant be daily or for a long period of time .. as long as its pretty ...

    oh.. i m soo trying this when i go to my friend's bday lol ^_^

  25. GORGEOUS! I need to get a bottle of the Sinful Black because it's just so dark and perfect. I'm not usually into 3d nail art but I love that you just used the flower on one finger.

    You seriously change your manis 3-4 times a day?! I change mine nightly and I thought *I* went through a lot of polish remover, lol.

  26. I have no idea when I could possibly use this, as I'm a student and the poor little flower will most likely reach a terrible death via my demonic locker, heavy books, and fast typing. XD

    I want to get that nude polish. I can kinda tell the brand is 10. Is it 10? Don't believe I've seen it anywhere.

  27. Thanks girls!

    Tracie, Yes I do, lol. I have a tad OCD when it comes to manis, and I get bored, VERY easily, lol.

    Cammy, Yes the brand is 10, and the color is #415 :)

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