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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fault Line Crackle

I forgot to mention that before I removed Nubar Verde the other night, I did try China Glaze Fault Line over it. Now I have heard MANY say that it doesn't crackle as good as the rest of the China Glaze, but I didn't really experience much of a difference.  Here it is with no top coat.

and now with SV on top


  1. Very pretty! I have on Fault line with Zoya's Malia a lavendar purple. Mine cracked pretty good too :)

  2. Ooo pretty :)


  3. thanks for the review. i was a little worried when i heard it didn't crack. its one of my favorites from the collection that i'm impatiently waiting for in the mail.

  4. It cracked MUCH better on you than it did on me!

  5. That's such an awesome combo! I didn't find my Fault Line to be problematic either. I just made sure my base an all that were really dry before applying the crackle.

  6. very nice! Great mani for a night out!! :o)

  7. I noticed how much you love the crackle nail polishes. I love them too. You should check out http://www.beautynerdsunited.com/2011/02/crackle-or-shatter/ there is a link to a company that makes a LOT of different colors. They have browns, greens, yellows, white, pink, red, etc... :) I think you'll love it.

  8. Way to be clever and sneak in another crackle polish entry under the guise of recommendation! I applaud your deviousness. :)

  9. I LOVE the color combination. It looks so...modern art-esque. But not like those dumb modern art things where it's like, "This blue line represents my soul and the struggles to obtain humanity and peace while this yellow circle is the love of everybody".

    ...I'm tired. XD

    BASICALLY, it looks really cool! : D

  10. Thanks guys!!

    Mousenerd, oh I do love my crackle, and I will def be sure to check out that site! Thank you!

    Anon, HAHAHA, yep I'm busted :)

    Cammy, haha, well thank you!!!

  11. Erika will you do a swatch on the maybelline banana puddin? i see it's on ur wish list? it looks like a pretty yellow?

  12. I'm working on it now for you :) Tomorrow morning they will be up


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