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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Venus Was Her Name!!!

So the past few days have been a MESS, weather wise. Yesterday not only was I still not able to send any emails, we lost power for 7 freaking hours!!!!!! Everything seems to be back up and running though, hopefully. *crosses fingers*

Anyways, after seeing a swatch of this on MUA posted by the amazing Love8Brain, I went right over to Jessica's site and purchased it. It really is sooooo much more amazing IRL, I had such a hard time capturing the purple shimmer. This is another dupe of Chanel's Paradoxal and Revlon Perplex. It's called Venus Was Her Name, by Jessica.

Then just for fun...


  1. Gorgeous colour, though I prefer it all on its own, in full glory.
    How much are those polishes? How big? They seem big, but I can't get to read the ml on the pic...

  2. Muito lindo!!!
    Quero um.


  3. That color is amazing!
    And I know how you feel on the weather, I live in Michigan and we got SLAMMED.

  4. Love this manicure! I have perplex but I haven't used it yet, I may do a mani with it today (we are still snowed in from that blizzard) Maybe I'll be daring enough to do a taped mani

  5. I have this! Loved the colour, but did you have trouble getting it to dry? Mine was still dentable overnight :(

  6. Thanks girls!! Yeha this weather is killing me. I can't get to the post office, can't go buy my regular supplies, no power for a day, can't email, I'm about to go crazy!

    Marox, they are the same size as average bottles, .5ml, I believe. I don't have one in front if me to check though, sorry, and I don't recal the actual pricing. It was a while ago that I ordered this, but I'm sure they are up on their site.

    emma, No, I didn't have any issues with the drying, but I think that Seche Vite is amazing on all polishes.

  7. Ohh that is indeed a dupe as well! I have Barry M Dusky Mauve, which is also a perfect dupe :)

    I saw that you put my blog with your favourites, how sweet of you! You probably don't even understand a word that's on my blog :p

  8. Ooh, what a pretty purple! I have this thing about various shades of deep purple.

    You lost power? Golly, the blizzard must have hit you hard! I hope everything gets fixed soon!

  9. Beautiful colour! I'll have to look out for this.

  10. Sarah, haha, Google Translate is my friend when it comes to blogs in different languages :)

    Cammy, yeah, it was bad here and we have another storm coming tomorrow night!!!

    Colleen, thanks!

  11. i love purple nails right now.. this is gorgeous! i love your designs! i wish i was talented and had a steady hand like you!

  12. Kaitlyn, aww thanks!!! You can def do this, it just takes practice.

  13. No power!? yikes!!!!
    And for some reason, this polish name I want to add an O - like BINGO was his name O haha Venus Was Her Name - O :-) so silly, but such a beautiful color!

  14. I love that polish! I've been meaning to get a Paradoxal dupe but I haven't gotten around to it. Do you mind posting Jessica's site?

  15. Thanks you guys!!

    Crystal, Haha, I love that!

    Tracie, it's http://www.jessicacosmetics.com/ :)