Polish Friends

Friday, February 18, 2011

Golden Fingers

Last week when I ran to Five Below, I love that place, I saw there were 2 new holo glitter polishes, so of course, they came home with me. Well, I finally decided to use them. This one, Golden Coast, I decided needed a base, so I used 2 coats of Confetti's Debutante first, and then added Golden Coast. I am soooo very pleased with this gold, although nothing compares to China Glaze Medallion, this might be a close 2nd.  Then I added Sinful's Black on Black for the tips :)

Here is Debutante alone

Then Golden Coast on top

a little blurry so you can see the holo goodness :)

and finally one of my fave things to do, the black tips


  1. Soooo beautiful combo. Your manicures are just amazing!!

  2. now i know where i am going on my lunch break! five below here i come!

  3. i own that confetti too! i like some of their polishes.i own like 5 i think they are pretty good formulas.. the ones that i own that is:)

  4. Must say I wasn´t impressed by Medallion, but this is really pretty!! Will put it on my wishlist. Gonna be a HTF for me though, haha.

  5. I don't normally like gold but this one looks gorgeous.

  6. wow, i'm in love with the gold combo you have here! Looks awesome with your skin tone too.

  7. I love it! I am so wanting to do tips like you do but my nails keep breaking off :(. Any tips on curing my breakage?

  8. Aw man, I want a Five Below! It looks awesome! I love gold and black together.

  9. Your nails look soooooo amazing! I must try this out someday!



  10. i love that! super gorgeous :)

  11. So pretty. I don't normally wear gold in any form (especially jewelry... I'm a strictly silver girl) but the posts you've made with gold polishes have been so gorgeous that I find myself wanting to buy some glittery golds.

  12. I love holo glitters! They're so much fun to stare at and admire.

    Your color combinations never cease to amaze me. This is beautiful! : D

  13. yeah, finaly I finished reading all your posts! :D Alot of insporation, thank you. ;)

  14. Hey! I notice you use Sinfuls Black on Black a LOT :) Is it your favorite black? I'm looking for a good one.

  15. Thanks everyone!!!

    flaminbird, I would start by using a glass file if you're not yet. That helps tons! If I ever get a slight peel happening, I will lightly buff it out, and make sure to put a base coat on.

    Tracie, Yeah I am def more of a silver girl, I don't own any gold jewelry at all, lol. I just can't resist any glitter, and I love gold sometimes :)

    Alex, OMG you read them all???! That's awesome!

    Annelise, Yeah Sinful Black on Black is really the only one I use. I love it!

  16. Thanks Chloe :D I will buy a glass file.....been using some cheapo freebie I have

  17. you inspired my mani last night! <3


  18. Flaminbird, you're very welcome!!

    A Polished Life, awww, I can't wait to see it!


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