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Friday, February 11, 2011

Stolen Pics!!!

Well a lovely sweet reader informed me that my pics were stolen, watermarks cropped out and no credit given. I thank her sooo much for that, but unfortunately, this means my pictures, as of Tuesday will now have a watermark through the center *sigh*. I hate watermarks, and never thought I would need too make them huge and obnoxious, but I do. I work very hard on my manis, and sharing them with you all, so it frustrates me so much. I hope you guys won't mind them, and continue to enjoy my blog.
Here is what I posted on MUA, if you're interested in seeing what exactly happened, and I LOVE that they even commented on her site, supporting me!!

Again sorry guys, and I'm off to head on the road for my mini vacay! Have a great weekend guys!


  1. We got your back! We love you and want you credited for your hard work!

  2. wow did she really think people wouldnt notice it. you have over a 1000 followers and most of us are on MUA. I dont mind the watermark. have a good time on your min vacation

  3. Wow - that's just sad that someone would do that.

  4. so friggen annoying.. a girl on facebook stole one of my mani pictures and then uses it for her friggen profile picture.. awesome.

  5. That's horrible. she even had the nerve to pass it off on facebook to as her own.

  6. i'm sure the watermark will be fine and we'll won't notice it in no time. You deserve every credit for your work so you are right to do it !!!! Enjoy the break !

  7. I'm not surprised she wants to steal your pics... your manis are awesome!
    we don't mind a bigger watermark :)

    I don't do mine cos no-oe would ever want to steal my awful pics lol

  8. um, the funniest part is that she is a beautiful (if unethical) female of color... and you have the palest (angelic!) skin... yeah, she must be REALLY SMART!

  9. Shame on her. Glad she didn't get away with it x

  10. I commented on her facebook page & she's now saying she's emailed you. I hope she did.

  11. :( So sad when one person ruins it for everyone. Boo Hiss. Brynne

  12. The watermarks will be fine, just as long as we can see you awesome mani's. :)

  13. I glanced at this, then got curious and then went to the link to find out that this blogger was recently featured on a popular blog that I visit that is mostly for women of color with naturally curly hair. I think it's sad that she tried to pass off her fingers as yours! Hello! Her fingers aren't white! So sad and I loooooooove your nails. I just stumbled upon your blog the other day and I literally browsed all the way to your very first post in one sitting. Keep up the good work.

  14. Looks like she took it down. HAH!

    Sorry that happened! I don't blame you for water-marking... I hate that you have to, but it's totally understandable. :(

  15. This makes me so sad. You're great ideas being stolen by a fraud. I'm sad to see the watermark but I totally understand :)

  16. These people have no shame. I'm really sorry it happened to you. Seriously, how hard is it to put a link back and credit you on her blog?

    Good thing she took it down now though.

    Ah, forget about her, enjoy your vacation!! :D That's more important.

  17. WOW that is just sad!! Why do people do that???? So sorry this happen to you, your mani's are amazing and it's a shame people like her have to ruin it. I did see your pic is still up on her FB profile.

  18. THAT makes me so angry. I clicked on her site, and she must have taken the pictures down. Too bad, I was about to march in there and give her a piece of my mind. I don't mind the watermark at all, it's a good idea, now that you're so famous and all! : D

  19. So stupid and really frustrating. You do amazing work, it's so pathetic when they steal. I hope she stops now, and don't worry about the watermark. You have to protect your work!

  20. She took them off her blog but they are still up on her FB and she says she's emailed you and you okay with it. Thought I'd let you know. :(

  21. I just went on Facebook and "liked" her page to comment on the picture with a link to your blog of that picture. Don't worry, I immediately "unliked" her page as soon as the comment was posted. The nerve of some people! She better take that picture down too. Pathetic. I'm frustrated for you - and it's not even my work! lol You are amazing, and a watermark won't change that. No worries, you have to do what you have to do - because obviously some people can't refrain from stealing.

  22. She's deleting the comments on her Facebook page. I've posted one as well and SS it with it up, just counting down the time until it comes down.

  23. By the way, if you google the link:


    and click "Cached" you can see her original post.

    This is intellectual theft and Chloe would be well within bounds to take this girl to court.

    She's also already deleted my comment on Facebook and banned me from making further comments on her page except sorry darlin' that was cached too!

  24. I just checked and it looks like she finally took the picture down on facebook! And I looked up that post as "cached" - she made it seem like she did it herself!! I just don't understand that - give credit where credit is due! Ugh.
    I wanted to report the photo to Facebook, but it isn't my photo to report lol I just feel bad for Erika!

  25. I just want to say thank you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for your support!!!! It really does mean a lot!! I'm also glad youall won't mind the watermarks, sucks though :( Just so you all know, she did email me, but by the time I received it, I was out of town. She is claiming her friend sends her these pics, because her blog has gotten too big now, and she had no idea my watermarks had been cropped out. I'm not sure I fully believe it but oh well. My only response back to her was, that if this was the case, then she needs to start double checking her friends work, and that my pictures were no longer allowed on her blog, even if credit was given. I was informed by friends that she has other bloggers pics on her site, with their watermarks cropped out as well. I have not had a chance to verify this yet, but I just don't want to be associated with a blog that functions in this manor. Thank you all again for your sweet words! You all rock, and I love you!!!

    ThatSOfresh, OMG, are you serious??? That is crazy! What is wrong with people?

    jbrobeck, yeah that was kind of my thoughts too. I just don't get it at all.

    Miss Tasha, Aww, thank you! I can't believe you read all the way back to the beginning!!!

    Sheilah, thank you so much, I had no idea you could do that and see the original post!!

    Crystal, haha, thank you so much!!! If this happens again, I will be sure to report the pictures. Grrr..what a pain!

  26. That is so sad. Hope everything will work out ok.


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