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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Scotch Tape mani!!

This pink, has no name :( I picked it up at my CVS in a set of 4 for only $2.99!!!!! You can't beat that, here is what the set looked like, and later in the week, I will do swatches of them all.

They say metallic, but the pink finsh reminds me of the glass flecks, similar to Zoya, Charla.

Here is how I placed my tape. Once you paint your base color, and wait for that to dry, you can place your tape on your nail.

Then, when you get it placed, where you would like, you put the next color on. As soon as you do that, pull the tape off. Only do 1 nail at a time. Otherwise the polish could dry to the tape, and pull up.

Here is my final design

It's not my best application or straightest lines, I wasn't feeling to well, but I still like it!


  1. Love, love, love this, and with such minimal effort. I.Must.Try.It!
    Still haven't seen that set at any of the CVS's near me (pout).

  2. Thanks ABOP! Yeah, this design is so fun to me, and like you said, it doesn't take much to do. In my CVS they weren't even with the polishes, for some reason they were hanging in the Hlaloween section, which I thought was so weird.

  3. I love the colour combination! L.A. Colors is great for the price.


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