Polish Friends

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween is coming fast!! So I decided to try some of my oranges....

Rarely do I wear orange polish, okay scratch that, I've never worn a full mani of orange, yet when I look in my drawers, I see quit a few, *shrugs*. What better time to try these, than Halloween, which btw, is my all time FAVE holiday to celebrate! The first one I grabbed is an unamed OPI, that my sister gave me a while ago. Well I asked the experts on MUA, and they said it is Osaka To Me Orange, and I believe they are right.

OPI Osaka To Me Orange, tell me this isn't just the best Halloween orange?!!?

and just because I can't leave any mani alone, I added China Glaze's Dreamsicle over top. I actually really liked this look!

I was then asked to layer the China Glaze Dreamsicle over a black. When I did, I gasped, it was BEAUTIFUL and so unexpected. I had no idea, all those colors were in there!!


  1. You do really gorgeous nails! :D

    And I thought Dreamsicle over the orange was great, but then over the black?! LOVE IT! Like it so much that I'm probably going to pop over to the little dusty in my town that I love to see if I can snag some tomorrow. :)

  2. Aww, well thanks Erin! Yeah that combo was a huge shock! Good luck, and I hope you can grab one!