Polish Friends

Friday, October 8, 2010

My standard french manis.................

Standard french manis are not my favorite type, but in my opinion look best on shorter nails. Two nights
ago I ended up trimming mine down to little nubs, and decided to do this. I used to do standard french manis all the time, but ever since being on MUA, my world has been completely changed. I was just not fully aware of all the awesome colors, finishes and nail designs that were around. I'm so thankful for that too! Anyways, back to my mani, I used OPI's Bubble Bath for the base, and Sinful's Snow On Me White for the tips. I used my regular technique that can be seen HERE, to do my tips.


  1. I love you French manicures, even the standard French (it looks very refined on you). I've tried to use your technique, but I had a little bit of polish under the tape (so the line was a bit smudged). I used Essie wicked and buy me a cameo...maybe I applied the coats too thick? Anyways, I'll keep on practicing, so please keep posting your inspiring manis :) Thanks for your awesome blog!

  2. You can apply a very thin coat of clear to the edge of the guide to seal it, so that no white leaks under. I saw that tip while watching a video, and her lines turned out very crisp.