Polish Friends

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Emerald Amethyst

 I got another Prism in the mail, and I love it! Again, so many colors in one polish! These pics are in all types of lighting. This is layered over black.

I really really really wish Sally would bring these back and make more. How can she not!! The are all amazing!!


  1. I have a bottle tat I got for free. I don't know the color off of the top of my head. This summer a distributor plant shut down and donated a ridonkulous amount of polishes to my cosmetology school. We got to go through it and take as much as we wanted. I found one of the bottles in the bottom of a plastic bag and snatched it. This one looks gorgeous! I love it on your skin tone.

  2. Okay, any prism for free is amazing!! On top of the fact you got to go through all those polishes and take what you wanted, I am soo jealous!!

  3. oh I have that looks VERY similar to this called Khaki flip.. by avon.. probably about 7-8 years ago.. i am in Australia if that makes a difference.