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Friday, October 1, 2010

This is a PSA, Don't Drink & Konad. Orly Royal Navy

 So last night, during the TERRIBLE thunderstorm, I decided to Konad, well, using the Bundle Monster plates, eeekk. I always feel really creative after a drink. I started with Orly's Royal Navy. This polish is amazing, the bright blue color alone is gorgeous, but then add all the turq. shimmer, and ........ it just doesn't get any better. This is 2 coats with 1 coat of SV.


This is where I FAILED. I was doing pretty good, but then all of a sudden when I went to stamp my middle finger, my hand just spazzed out, and push really hard on the nail, lol. I know it doesn't look all that bad, but for me, I get really anal about my stamping, and lets just say, the whole mani was removed right after I took the pics, lol.
Here is our pup Rolo, shaking his head at me. LOL. Oh well on to the next


  1. This is lovely. Omg, your konad fail is totally a success to me! I suck at stamping!

  2. Thank you, ABOP!! I was just sooo mad that I ruined it, with one spaz move!!!