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Friday, October 1, 2010

LBD or LBB (Little Black Dress or Little Black Bugs) Revlon Nail Glitters in black.

So after my FAILed Konad last night, I was still feeling creative, and saw this in my nail art drawer. Back when I first began on MUA, a fellow NB'er posted a mani, using these Revlon Nail Glitters, and it looked amazing! So when she said where she got them, eBay, I ran right there, and grabbed a jar.  Now, it's been sitting in my art drawer for a LOOONG time. Well, not any more. I put a layer of Sinful's Black on Black  polish first, and before that could dry, I dipped my nails in the jar, one by one.  Lets just say these glitters are meeeesssyyy! I felt as though my nails appeared to look like a sequined little black dress, but then, because I had tons of little black glitter thingys all over my fingers, it also looked like BUGS! They were a PITA to get off. Anyways here is the effect. I love it, but it's just not very functional. I did try to add a tc after these pics, but it just ruined it. The glitter appeared to smoothed out throughout most of the nail, and some did come off. This too, got removed very quickly : P


  1. I like it!! I hope I can find this jar :D

  2. Wow... I have to say, I have TONS of other glitter that work look a lot prettier atop nails... I wouldn't spend the extra money for name brand jar of the same glitter I can find in the craft section for a tenth the price :-) Thank you for the pics, though - I never knew this stuff existed!