Polish Friends

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Borghese Stellar Notte

I'm proud to say that this was actually my very first Borghese. I was hesitant to buy any, simply because I just can't stand the old style looking bottles. I'm a modern girl, and these just don't fit. Until I saw this duochromed girl in a display. I just love having color options from 1 polish. This is purple, blue, teal and a hint of green, which I had a hard time capturing.


  1. After trying to hunt this polish down to no avail I had to ask for a cp for it. After that it was availble in all my Walgreens. Now it's in Ross for only $1.99. I'm getting a backup :)

    It's lovely on you :D

  2. Oh my goodness, $1.99?!?!?!? That's amazing, you def need to go back and get a backup!

  3. It was my first Borghese as well lol I got mine clearanced at Ulta for 4 dollars.

  4. $4!!! You're soo lucky, I paid full price for this beauty!

  5. I just got this my first borghese also!!! Im so excited to paint my nails weee:) also paid full price boo!:(

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