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Thursday, October 7, 2010

How about some Brucci Swatches!!!

So I was going through my stash, and realized I had quit a few Brucci's that I had yet to even try. Well, I grabbed them all, and swtached away. This brand has some amazing colors, and application. I purchase mine in Philadelphia at a Rte-Aid, it's the only place I can find to purchase them, in my area. I could be wrong though.

First is
Roberta's Green Garden

Then we have one of my faves
Blue Sapphire

Amelia's Amethyst
See the multi colored shimmer, amazing!

Grape Galaxy
Another beauty

Explosive Meteorite
I wish this one was a smidge darker, but I still really like it

Jimmi's Cognac Gem
Not to exciting, & prob, my least fave of the bunch

Cindy's Lilac Rose
This is a perfect springtime color, and this was only 1 coat!!


Mono Blue
I believe this might actually be my oldest Brucci, from many moons ago

My all time FAVORITE from Brucci
Blackened Emerald.


  1. This is why I love nail blogs. I have never even heard of this brand! Thank you for swatching it.

  2. You're so welcome. I love this brand, it's cheap, has great colors and application is good. I just wish they were more readily available to others. There is only 1 place by me, that I can get them.

  3. Thanks, it is by far my fave from them!

  4. I think we have the same colour-taste, I saw lots of blue, purples, duochromes, greens, etc. and others I really liked.
    I'm glad I found you :>

  5. kinda confused because my tanzanite looks way more bright purple and paints on way thinner :/

  6. Yeah, I have Tanzanite from years ago and it's a totally different color! lol It's kind of a very silvery metallic light lavender.

  7. Oh that's weird!! I've heard of companies slightly changing formulas, but never heard of a Brucci changing.