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Friday, October 15, 2010

China Glaze BFF Holo funky french & a BFF mixup

I started off by using an imitation verison of China Glazes BFF. This may be old news to some, but as of now there are 2 different versions. A bright pink and a muddy reddish/tanish/pinkish. Some have even thought they were just a batch of mislabeled TMI's , but as you can see, they are just duds. I even contacted China Glaze about this, and they are declining any knowledge of a formula change.

Here are the 2 versions - The one on the right is the REAL one. 

Now here they are, with TMI in the middle

On to the fun. Here is one of my favorite types of manis!

I used the same technique as I always do, which can be found here


  1. I love those funky frenchies!!!

  2. To be a fake OMG it sure is pretty! I ten colors from this collex and not-a-one is BFF. I will check this one out in the future...


  3. Thanks LLC!!

    AllThingsNails...you have 10, but not BFF!!?? You should def look into it, the real one, is my fave from them all.

  4. Its not a fake bff China glaze made 2 different colours of bff.. thats why the deep pink is so wanted its even more rare than the other ones. I have the first bff the deep pink but really like the other colour.. think its a pretty colour!


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